i had no idea desire of the endless had taken on mortal form as lee hyuk soo

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Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford! (July 13, 1942)

I forgot how hot Harrison Ford was. Thank God for animated gif sets.

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Watch!: And when you started out, there were almost no Asian-Americans on TV. Now you’re Watson. The TV my Asian-American daughter grows up watching will be very different than what I grew up watching.
Lucy: It is significant, and I think we still have a long way to go. It is good that you’ll have to explain to her that when Daddy was a teenager, there wasn’t anybody like her on television. People say I’m a pioneer, but I don’t recognize it because I’m still living it. Maybe on my last breath if they name a street after me in the city, I’ll say, “Wow, I made a difference.” Right now, it doesn’t feel like it. [x]

Lucy Liu in the October 2013 edition of Watch! Magazine

That moment when Lucy Liu shut down Hollywood patting itself on the back for racial progress before they even started reaching their hand back.

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“The White & Black Knights” 1911 
By Mike Dubber Engraving Studio.

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"It was the last night that she would breathe the same air as he, or look out over the deep sea and up into the star-blue heaven. A dreamless, eternal night awaited her, for she has no soul and had not been able to win one."

Kristen Mcmenamy stars as a lost mermaid in on of my FAVORITE editorials, “Far, Far From Land” for W December 2013 by photographed by the one and only, Tim Walker

The incredible mermaid tail was created by The Mertailor.

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I was compelled by the laws of nature to reblog this. Just sayin

Her body is INSANE!  WOW…just wow…

I know it’s real person lewdness, but holy fuck that aesthetic.

Gorgeous body.


Men in Black: The Animated Series (1997) Frank Puar

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